How to Use your Point and Shoot Camera

Purchasing a point and shoot camera means you have a versatile device to take photos and video. Many people who purchase these cameras are going for the automatic features that will seemingly let them shoot like the professional. However, shooting good photographs and video does take a little bit of training.

While video and photographs are seemingly different in nature, the professionals tend to use the same strategies in getting the best out of each. Here are a few good tips that will help you shoot good photographs and video with your point and shoot camera. If you follow these tips, you can greatly improve your abilities to shoot great photographs and take video that you will be proud to show to your relatives.

Get Close

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is staying too far away from the subjects that they are taking photographs. The optical zoom is used way too often which can result in less than ideal photographs and especially video. Zooming is like hold a long pole with one hand, the more your hand moves the greater the other end of the pole will shake. The same is true of video when you use the zoom. If you are not on a tripod, then zooming in will mean shakier video even with the optical stabilization features.

So basically, get as close as you can to the subjects you want to video or take photographs. By getting close you can take beautiful, clear photographs that will look sharper and be better composed overall.

Go Bright

When in doubt, light it up. All too often on indoor shots we don’t turn on enough lights or use the flash while in outdoor photographs or video we have our subjects stand in the shade rather than in sunlight. You want to illuminate your subjects as much as reasonable before taking pictures. This means that you need to light them up indoors and get them out into the sun outdoors.


You may wonder why your photographs in particular do not look like they were taken by a professional even though you have a really good point and shoot camera. Composing what you shoot can give your photographs and video a very professional look. Composing basically consists of using three dimensions when taking two dimensional photographs. Essentially, don’t put your subjects side by side and together. Instead, put one more in the foreground and use the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds is essentially breaking up the rectangle space of your photo or video into thirds and placing your subject one of the thirds rather than in the center. This gives your photograph a more appealing look that mirrors what professionals accomplish in their work. A simple trick is to have your subject look partially to one side, but keep their nose in the center of the screen. This will put most of their face into one of the thirds.

Using these simple tips can help you take better photographs and shoot better video.

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