Buyers Guide

There is a number of point and shoot cameras that are tailor made for consumers who want to have great photographs without having to purchase an expensive digital camera. To find the right point and shoot digital cameras starts with going over the selections that are available. While the sheer number of point and shoot cameras are beyond any short list, there are a number of really fine units that are worthy of consideration.

Here are a few of the better point and shoot cameras on the market today. They are distinguished by their sheer number of features for a relatively inexpensive camera. This buyer’s guide is essentially divided up into the manufacturers that have provided the best in quality for point and shoot cameras over the years, Canon, Panasonic and Sony.


The reputation that Canon has built over the years for their line of cameras may be unsurpassed in the consumer market. From cameras that are perfect for the professional to inexpensive models that are great for the occasional photograph, Canon has built a sterling reputation.

Canon A1300

The Canon A1300 and its predecessor, the A1200 are fine examples of point and shoot cameras that have plenty of features, including 720 HD video, easy to use shooting modes, DIGIC 4 Image processors and most interesting, optical viewfinders which allow you to shoot quickly without having to activate the LCD screen. They are generally priced around $100 and make the perfect camera for the consumer.


Panasonic has developed a series of point and shoot cameras that feature a surprising number of features for the price. From impressive 720 HD video to easy to use functions, Panasonic offers consumers good, high quality point and shoot cameras for a low price. Here is a typical example of one of their line.

Panasonic 16.1 MP

Boasting an 8x wide angle lens, 720 HD video and optical image stabilization, and this Panasonic camera is actually typical of the great line of point and shoot cameras to be found today. While their prices are just a bit more expensive than their Sony or Canon counterparts, they do provide a number of great features for the price.


Sony has dived into the point and shoot digital camera market with gusto, providing a good variety of cameras with plenty of features, compact design for easy traveling and low prices for many of their units. Here is a typical example of a solid Sony point and shoot digital camera.

Sony DCS-W230

This versatile, relatively inexpensive camera boasts a number of features for the price, including MPEG video, large LCD screen that can be used in different light conditions and 15mm built-in memory. The versatility and compactness of this camera makes it a good choice for travelling, taking birthday or other event photos and shooting good, clear pictures. The price is roughly $120 depending on the retailer.

When you take into account the price, features and compact design, you can start your shopping of point and shoot cameras with the Canon, Panasonic and Sony line of products.