Purchasing Tips

Tips on choosing Point and Shoot Cameras

Today there are literally millions of digital cameras on the market today ranging from the small, point and shoot variety up to the professional level cameras with interchangeable lenses and a myriad of features. The idea that you can go online and quickly purchase a camera is quite appealing for many people, but how do you know which one is right for you?

For most of us, we don’t need a professional level camera. The point and shoot variety is usually more than good enough for the needs that we have. Unfortunately, too many people look at the features of a camera first before considering their own needs in selecting the right point and shoot camera. Here are a few tips to follow in selecting the right point and shoot camera for you.

Frequency: In other words, what will you be using this camera for? Don’t think in terms of what you “might” do, but rather in what you have done that you wish you had a good camera. If what you want is simply something for birthdays, family get-togethers and special events, then a less expensive point and shoot camera will probably do. You’ll want to find a camera with a very quick set up so you can literally whip it out and capture that special moment, so look for cameras designed for instant speed.

Zoom: Most of us don’t think of the zoom capabilities of a camera, yet we tend to use them way too frequently, especially when shooting video. However, a zoom is really important if what you want to shoot is a subject that you cannot get closer to, such as at sporting events. Getting Junior’s touchdown run is less impressive if he and the other players are just dots on the screen. So, if you are going to be at sporting events, concerts and the like, then you want a camera with at least 5x Optical zoom and probably more if you can get it.

Video: Like the zoom, video is something that we all want, but seldom think about when we will use it. If you are planning to upload videos on the internet or simply want the best quality, then you need HD video capability. Generally speaking, the higher the “p” number, the better the quality of the HD video. That is to say a 720p is not as good as 1080p. However, point and shoot cameras often only come with 720p HD or less. For those who only want good, clear video for shooting special events, then you should look for 720p if possible. Anything higher generally requires a significantly upgraded camera like a Canon Rebel.

Travel: One of the most frequent uses of digital cameras is to take photos during out vacations. There are several models of point and shoot cameras that are perfect for travelling. You want to look for sleek, compact designs that fit into your purse or pocket. Plus, most travel photos are set-up shots of scenic vistas, landmarks and the like were we pose for the camera. In this case, you want a high quality lens and the ability to adjust the shutter speed as low as possible to get the best, more clear results.